Week 4- Give Us Some More!


We are back and better than ever. Today marks the one month of us arriving in Guyana. Looking back, it’s amazing to think of all the people we’ve met, the accomplishments we’ve shared and the relationships we’ve built with our students. It’s scary to think we are only 2 weeks away from completing our initiative, but with that said, we are beyond excited for what the upcoming weeks have in store.

Words of pride by St. John’s Form 2 students

This week, we began teaching at St. Margaret’s Primary School, North Georgetown and Christ Church Secondary School, while continuing on with our regular scheduled classes elsewhere. It was a busy week but we wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. On Monday, in Grace and Rebecca’s sexual health class, they spoke of STIs, contraceptives and HIV/AIDS. The pair teaches the same group of students at the Adult Education Association both Mondays and Tuesdays and have loved seeing the progress made week to week.

Tuesday, Shayna and Andrew began teaching at St. Margaret’s Primary School. With over 100 grade 4 students in one classroom, they taught an empowering lesson about mental health and self esteem. That evening at Ruimveldt, the kids were as hyper as ever, and were running off the walls. We had a great time playing catcher catcher, hand games and singing songs with the kids.

Wednesday, we all made our way to the Cheshire Home for youth and adults with mental and physical disabilities, where we discussed mental health, depression and suicide with support staff and administrators. This was an amazing opportunity to engage in some meaningful discussions and reach out to another piece of Guyana’s population.  

Celebrating 50!

Guyana’s 50th Independence Day was on Thursday, and boy was the day filled with energy and excitement! We spent the afternoon watching an amazing parade surrounded by joy, dancing and pride. What a special opportunity it was to have been here for that historic day.

Throughout the week, we took part in a 3 day focus group lead by 3 social work students from the University of Guyana. It was a great way to learn more about the university’s programs, campus and services.

With only 2 weeks left, we are definitely trying to make every moment count. We are looking forward to this coming week, jam packed with old and new classes, NTN and hanging out at Ruimveldt Children’s Aid Centre. We are also looking forward to visiting our friends in Berbice next weekend and can’t wait to meet all of the highly spoken of children at the Letter Kenny Youth Space!

Until next time,

The G-Town Crew
Rebecca, Grace, Andrew and Shayna

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