Week 3 – Yippee! Week 4 – Teaching Galore!

Classes are progressing really well, everyone is warming up to us and we can feel great relationships forming! Each class has more insightful questions and discussions. Teaching has been going well in the Letterkenny youth space, and Shannen and Cora have even started teaching at a new youth space in Scheldon. We are hoping to run sustainability inspired workshops in the coming week, where we educate youth on how to be peer educators, empowering them to nurture our positions. Patrick and Lexi finally made it to Blackbush, despite rainy season and difficult travel.

Kids in the village took us on an incredible adventure to the beach. Far from beaches we have experienced before, but one of the most beautiful and fun places we’ve encountered. Spent the afternoon playing games in the sand and swimming!

We successfully triumphed the infamous pumpkin dish. Not as good as the local one we are treated to, but feeling like culinary geniuses nonetheless. We also discovered a family within our family… a young cat that had (unknowingly to us) gave birth in our kitchen cupboard. We made mom and her 4 kittens a cozy new home and check in on them once and a while.

We were lucky to be invited to an Independence Day celebration at Rosehall Primary, filled with great singing, poetry, and stories of the rich history and Independence of Guyana. This year they celebrated 50 years of independence!!

We’re taking in every minute of this amazing experience, and looking forward to what the next 2 and a half weeks hold!

Until next time,

Berbesties 🙂

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