Week Two – Can Do

Aloha World!

After a whirlwind of a week, Berbice crew is still kickin. We have so much to share but here are a few highlights!  The week started out with something more difficult than any algebra problem we had ever encountered: coordinating the teaching schedule with 17 different schools on the docket and overlapping/under-lapping/side-lapping class times.  It was a challenge and a half, but in the end it all came out perfect! We all have the chance to teach at a variety of schools, all ranging in class size and ages, and we were even able to mix up the teaching pairs so that we all get the chance to teach together.  We figure if we can get through this without even the slightest hint of an argument, we can get through anything.

That being said, our schedules are all very busy and made the week fly by!  Classes went well for the most part; we started off with a few common lessons including bullying and peer pressure for Primary classes, and a focus on mental health for Secondary.  Some classes were very attentive and engaged, while others were a little more reserved, but we are confident that the second week will change this.  We can already feel great relationships forming with the students, and are excited to continue them!

The people of Letter Kenny have continued to be amazing, incredibly hospitable, and have made us feel so much more at home.  We were even lucky enough to be invited to attend a service at the local Mandir, which was a delightful experience.  We spend most afternoons at the Youth Space playing all sorts of games with the youth in the community.  We are also in the process of planning a few lessons to put on at the Youth Space to mix things up a little!

More updates to come, and thanks for reading!

The Berbesties

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