Week 2 in G-Town

This week has flown by but looking back, it’s exciting to see everyone we met, everything we’ve accomplished and everything we have coming our way in the upcoming weeks! On Monday, Gracie and Becca had their class at the Adult Education Association, whom they taught again on Tuesday. After a week of introductory lessons, it was exciting for us to dive right in to the topics students, schools and organizations felt were most needed! In addition to our classes we taught last week, we all had the pleasure of starting at Reyaz Business Institute, where we were amazed at the focus and motivation of the students.

Thursday morning, we had the opportunity to speak on the National Television Network’s morning show. Being able to speak about substance abuse to a wider audience was both challenging and rewarding. It was our first time in front of a green screen, but we are excited to be back talking about some more important topics this coming Thursday!

Throughout the week, we were meeting with different members of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport to discus new ways we can expand our reach to the youth of Georgetown. We are looking forward to advancing our partnerships with likeminded organizations. Friday afternoon, we were invited to facilitate a discussion on mental health at the Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association (GRPA). A group of community members covering a wide range of ages gathers here weekly to discus relevant social and health topics. In a refreshing change from the classroom setting, we found it stimulating and educational to discus topics such as mental health, depression, stigma and suicide. We hope groups like this will continue their work to raise awareness in the Georgetown population and beyond.

On Saturday, we attended the GuyExpo, an annual event showcasing Guyana’s businesses and services. It was great to see all of the health resources and services currently available. We gained a lot of knowledge and new information that we are excited to share with our classes!

Walking down the streets, you can feel the excitement, buzz and celebrations building for Guyana’s 50th Independence Day. We are super excited to see what’s in store!

Talk to you on the flip side,

The Georgetown Crew

P.S. Our manatee friends are doing great and send big hugs and kisses to friends and family near and far!

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