Day 1, Lots of Fun!

At the airport getting ready for our red-eye!

HELLO FRIENDS AND FAMILY! Just touched down in G-town and we couldn’t be more excited (or exhausted!!). After a long night of travel, midnight sandwiches and far too little shut-eye, we were greeted at the airport by our amazing program directors, Maddy and Jamie. The humidity and hot weather hit us like a wall, but we are slowly acclimatizing and settling in to our lovely guest house (Georgetown’s home for the next 7 weeks).

Things in Guyana tend to be quiet on Sundays which gave us the perfect opportunity to wander around the area and plan for our first week. With a holiday on Monday and meetings scheduled for Tuesday, Georgetown peer educators (Shayna, Becca, Andrew, Grace) are hoping to be in the classrooms starting Wednesday. Berbice peer educators (Lexi, Patrick, Cora, Shannen) will make their way down the coast Tuesday morning to the village of Letterkenny. They will then be meeting with various schools to solidify teaching schedules, with the hope of beginning to teach early next week!

It’s currently 6:30pm and we are winding down getting ready for bed (this is not a joke). We’ve got a big week ahead of us and can’t wait to see what it has in store! Thanks for the ongoing support, talk to you soon!


Guyana Crew 2016

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