Week 2 of Teaching in Berbice!

Hello Friends, Family, and Followers,

It’s been a while since we’ve posted an update so we’ll get you caught up. We ended our lesssons on values and goal setting in Tagore Secondary, 59 Primary, Massiah Primary, and the Berbice Islamic School. At the primary schools one of our favourite activities this week was in a little lesson on hygiene in which we all shook hands- some of us had baby powder on our hands representing people who were sick and carrying lot’s of germs. By the end of the activity almost everyone’s hands were covered in powder- illustrating how quickly germs and diseases can spread. The kids really enjoyed this activity and it brought a lot of energy to the classroom!

Eric preparing for a lesson at Port Mourant Secondary

Last week we also taught at Vrymen Erven Training Center where a group of older students are studying cosmotology and information technology. We talked about values and goal setting as it was our first lesson there but also did an engaging lesson on Mental Health. It was a new challenge to teach an older class but the level of engagement was exciting and we were able to share some valuable resources.

Our weekend began with a game of volleyball at the Smythfield Drop In Youth Centre; it was great to meet so many kids of various ages and we look forward to a rematch! On Saturday, after visiting the busy market in the morning, we went to the Camal Shelter and Eric played some hide and seek, dog and a bone, and participated in some colouring activities. Ali also did some colouring with the older group of girls and we talked about what health topics they wanted to discuss in the coming weeks!

Our Sunday was spent going to the beach which was a 25 minute walk from where we live. We were shown the way there by some of the neighbourhood kids and once we got there they showed us how to navigate the sinking sand out to the water. We swam, played some catch and other games and shared a fruit salad together before we made the walk back- it was an afternoon well spent!

Ali playing in the river with some friends from Letterkenny

By now we’ve found our spots that we regularly hit up for food, entertainment, and blogging, of course! This week has already started our second week of teaching and we are focusing mainly on Sexual Health and Puberty. So far, we have taught in two of our high school classes and we look forward to getting back in those classrooms soon to talk about the many great questions we recieved.

This weekend we will be off to Georgetown again to take in the Independence Day celebrations from the capital. We are excited for what’s in store and to be reunited with the rest of the QHO Guyana team.

Until next time,

Ali and Eric

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