Week 2 in Georgetown: Come and gone in a flash

Hello devoted readers!

We are just finishing up our second week (about to start the third) in Georgetown now and it has been a blast so far! How time flies! We have all settled nicely into our new home and are now in the swing of things. Steve is adjusting well to living with three wonderful ladies– practically one of the girls already!

At the start of the week we spent time meeting with schools and youth spaces to finalize our teaching schedule for the next 6 weeks. Last years team set up great connections with some of the local schools and we hope that we are able to strengthen that bond this year. With the help of Ms. Tony we established two new schools for this years project: St. Pius Primary School (where we are teaching a grade 6 class) and Sophia Training Centre (an institution organized to develop various trade skills). We are thrilled to have the new contacts and are looking forward to working with the schools in the years to come.

We had a great day at Ruimveldt on Tuesday afternoon and love going to see the kids– always a new and thrilling experience. We have been going to Ruimveldt twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays) and the kids are becoming more familiar with us. We love playing games with them like “dog and the bone”, “lost my belt” and climbing on the monkey bars. We are truly developing great bonds with the children at Ruimveldt and look forward to their enthusiastic greetings each time we come.

Some of the kids from Ruimveldt!

Wednesdays are jam packed days as we teach three classes in a row. This week we focused our teaching on nutrition, healthy diets and physical fitness. The students loved some of the creative games we came up with–including push-up competitions!

Thursday was our big break at NTN This Morning as we had our first segment. Casey and Marni taught about nutrition while Steve and Colleen taught about the importance of physical fitness and lead an exercise class. We were all a little bit nervous but it was a great experience. We look forward to teaching again this week about puberty and sexual health.

Marni and Casey getting ready for TV!

Colleen and Steve ready for stardom! 

Also, on Thursday we had our first lesson at Reyaz Business Institute (RBI). The students were so amazing and well behaved. Their participation was great and they seemed to really enjoy the lesson. We cannot wait to teach about more serious topics with the kids. Friday we attended our second cricket game–each time learning more and more about the unfamiliar, yet fascinating game. Steve has even been drafted to play in this upcoming Friday’s game and we cannot wait! Needless to say, the girls perform best as cheerleaders on the bench.

We love the food here and are enjoying tasting all the native foods. Tonight we even cooked our first dinner at the guesthouse with the help of the Rima ladies– Channa, sautéed vegetables and rice. It was delicious!

Casey and Colleen enjoying the channa, pumpkin curry and cook-up from Shantas! 

Our homemade dinner of rice, channa and veggies!

Thank you Georgetown for yet another lovely week, you continue to capture our hearts each day!

All our love,

The Georgetown Team

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