Georgetown Update

We’ve had a busy first week in Georgetown and we’re just getting started! We have been finalizing our schedule and are looking forward to working within the schools this upcoming week. We are starting to get into the swing of things and officially feel at home. 

On Friday morning we met with Rayaz, the principal of RBI and the host of NTN This Morning. He introduced us to all of Georgetown on his television show and set the stage for our future lessons that we will be teaching weekly on his programs. Unfortunately, Steve is significantly taller than the girls which made it difficult to see all of us on television at once. It will definitely be a challenge teaching but looking forward to our big debut!
Following our television premiere, we taught a lesson at Sophia Training School, an institution designed to foster individuals in different trade skills. It was amazing to be able to teach at this school since the students are all around our age. We will be teaching them just as much as they will be teaching us and we cannot wait for the next six weeks with them. 
We have exciting news! Earlier last week we met Dr. Karen Bailey from McMaster University out for dinner. She noticed the QHO t-shirts and mentioned that she is apart of the Canada-Guyana Medical Partnerships Coalition (C-GMPC), which is an informal grouping of the numerous Canadian-Guyanese medical outreach groups working to identify and address health care needs in Guyana. She invited us to the C-GMPC meeting held this past Friday where we were introduced to many promising contacts. We are setting up a meeting this week to meet with the Ministry of Health to discuss our potential partnership in the upcoming years of the Guyana project.
After the exciting meeting, Kate met us back at the guesthouse after leaving Ali and Eric in Berbice. She was able to join us for our second visit to the Ruimveldt Children’s Aid Centre and meet all of the wonderful kids. We were thrilled when the kids came running up to us as we arrived, indicating that they remembered us and were so happy to have us back and ready to play. Janet was sad to say her goodbyes but she knows she is leaving the kids in good hands. 
Colleen and Steve with some kids at Ruimveldt!

Janet– we feel so lucky that we got to spend the week with you here in Guyana. You made the transition easy and painless. Thank you for showing us around and introducing us to all of the schools. We will do our best to make you proud. 
Friday night we were fortunate enough to be invited to one of Rayaz’s weekly cricket matches. Although it was our first time watching cricket, we tried our best to learn the rules and we believe we somewhat understand. We felt so welcome at the match and are hoping to go back soon to watch again. 
We were reunited with our Berbice friends yesterday and were so happy to be back together. The six of us had a great day catching up. At night we attending a pre-wedding Hindu party, a first for all of us. We had an amazing time eating from leaves, dancing and getting henna done on our hands. It was an experience none of us will forget.
The six PEs ready for the wedding! 

Eating dinner out of leaves!

The beautiful henna!
We look forward to the week ahead as we begin to get into a routine. 
Until next time,
The Georgetown Team (Marni, Casey, Colleen and Steve) 
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