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Hey Everyone!

Time is flying by here in Berbice, it’s crazy to think that we are leaving for Georgetown a week today! Lots has happened in the past week and half.

10 Steps to Condom Use Relay Race at No.59 Primary School

Last Monday, we had our jam packed day full of teaching at the four schools out in the Skeldon area. We taught our first lesson at the Tagore Secondary School. It was a lot of fun teaching our Puberty lesson to a great grade 7 class. We then headed to Massiah Primary School where we taught a new class of grade 6’s. Since it was their first lesson with us we taught our Values and Goal Setting lesson, as we had done with the other grade 6’s at the school. After, we went straight to Newmarket Primary to teach our Puberty Part II lesson. We had lots of great anonymous questions from them the week before, so we made sure we allocated enough time to answer all of them. We finished our day at No. 59 Primary School where we taught a lesson on contraceptives.

On Tuesday, we headed out to our home away from home, the Letter Kenny youth friendly space, behind our house. We ran our “Pat on the Back” self-esteem activity with them. Both us and the kids had a great time colouring our paper hands and reading all the nice things people wrote about everyone.

‘Pat on the Back’s’ at the Letter Kenny Youth Friendly Space

Wednesday morning we met the principal of the Berbice Islamic School to discuss teaching opportunities there. The meeting went very well, as the principal made time for us to teach twice this week despite their busy exam schedule. He was very keen on having next year’s Peer Educator’s come and teach multiple times a week throughout the two months. We are really excited to work with this school in the future!
After our meeting, we headed straight to the Guyana Business College where we taught a lesson on Peer Pressure.

Thursday morning we set out to New Amsterdam to teach at the Vryman’s Erven Training Centre in the morning and the Smythfield Drop-in Centre in the afternoon. The session on STI’s went really well at Vryman’s as the students participated a lot. Our session on Physical Activity was a lot of fun. We first discussed the importance of being active, and for the second part of the session we went outside to play Huckle-Buckle, which we all had a lot of fun playing.

Playing Huckle Buckle at the Smythfield Drop-In Centre

We were fortunate enough to be invited to join in on Vryman’s Erven’s field trip to Georgetown on Friday. We left for Georgetown at eight in the morning. The trip included stops at a Hair Salon and Barbering School (this part was especially interesting for the students in the cosmetology program), the Guyana National Museum, the Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology, and one of Guyana’s TV/Radio stations (this visit was especially interesting for the students in the IT program). The trip was a lot of fun and it was a great experience to hang out with the students outside of the classroom and to explore more of “the City” (Georgetown). Thanks so much for inviting us Vryman’s Erven!

After our last stop on the field trip we joined the Georgetown team for the weekend. We had a lot of fun exploring more of the city and eating at a variety of local restaurants. The highlight of the weekend was our trip to Kaieteur Falls on Sunday and teaching on TV which the Georgetown team will tell you more about in their next blog post! 

Contraception Lesson at Newmarket Primary School

On Tuesday we went back out to Skeldon to teach at the Tagore, Massiah, Newmarket, and No. 59 schools. Massiah asked us to teach both their grade 6 classes, so we split up and each taught a class by ourselves and both classes went really well!

Wednesday afternoon we taught at the Berbice Islamic School for the first time where we taught Values and Goal Setting to an amazing class of 50 students. When we talked to the teachers after class they asked us if we could extend our lessons there and teach for 2 hours instead of 1. We were really excited to hear that they liked the lesson and we can’t wait to teach there again this afternoon!

Quick Stretch Break at No.59 Primary School

The Berbice Team at their Finest

Lots of Love,

Kate & Kev

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