Coconut, Guava, and Pine, Oh My!

Hello Everyone! Georgetown team here!

Adam and Janet teaching nutrition at Community College.
We apologize for the delay in blog posts, but we have become super busy! We have added five new schools into our teaching schedule since our last post, which means we are now teaching at ten different schools throughout Georgetown! The new schools have been extremely welcoming to us, with friendly staff members and well behaved students. Some of our classes are as small as 7 students, and others are as large as 50. We have completed our unit on hygiene and nutrition (we learned a variety of new Guyanese foods from the students, which really helps when we visit the market). This week will be teaching substances and substance abuse, a topic which the students have expressed a lot of interest in through our anonymous question box.

Learning how to make ‘roti’ at the David Rose Health Centre. 
Ms. Toney arranged a delicious surprise dinner for us: roti and boulanger!
On Saturday Mrs. Tony took us to a Rastafarian community to teach at a youth centre. Upon arrival, we explored the neighbourhood; wandering up a pathway that lead to the most beautiful garden/farm (literally, an oasis in the middle of a busy city). The kindest family warmly welcomed our unexpected arrival, letting us sample some fresh guava and coconut water. We exchanged numbers with our new friends, and are excited to go back for another visit next Saturday before our lesson. Although Adam prolonged the visit by climbing up a guava tree, we eventually had to leave to teach at their youth space, where we worked with yet another group of wonderful children!

The mysterious path that led to the beautiful farm!
Haily, Ms. Toney, and Janet enjoying some fresh coconut!
Mmmm fresh guava!
Being so busy, it’s always nice coming back to the friendly faces and comfy rooms at Rima’s guesthouse. We have grown very fond of the lovely ladies who live and work here, and feel very at home here. Bonus: nine English medical students are staying at Rima’s this month, whom we’ve also befriended; sharing our stories from classroom in return for their stories from the hospital.

Allie, Janet and Haily can’t get enough of the pineapple!
We are all loving Georgetown and everything the city has to offer. Haily and Janet continue to go on morning runs to the nearby athletic park (this morning, they were joined by a herd of horses). Adam has been teaching himself headstands (and trying not bring down the Guesthouse with him when he falls). Even though everyone we meet thinks Allie looks the youngest (while she is actually the oldest), she has taken the motherly role for the group by making sure Adam doesn’t enter unlicensed taxis, Haily remembers her sunscreen, and that Janet always has enough pineapple. Now, the countdown begins for Kevin and Kate to join us in Georgetown this weekend for Independence Day celebrations with Ms. Toney!
Until next time,
Janet, Haily, Allie & Adam
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