Playing ‘ Ninja’ at the Letter Kenny Youth Friendly Space

Hello again everyone!

We’ve had a busy past couple of days here in Berbice! Wednesday morning was our first time teaching at the Guyana Business College and we taught a lesson on Values and Goal Setting to a class of 14-16 year olds. The lesson went really well and based on their great feedback and questions we taught another lesson there the following day on Healthy Relationships and Abuse. Although the topic was tough the students were really receptive and participated a lot.  Later on Thursday we went to Massiah Primary School where we were invited to speak at their parent teacher meeting. It was a great opportunity to share with the parents our curriculum and what we do. After the meeting they invited us to come back each Monday morning to teach their grade 6 class. Thursday afternoon we went to the Letter Kenny Youth Friendly Space to play some games with the kids there which was a blast as always.

A student at Vrymen’s Erven participating in the ‘Abuse Tree’ activity

On Friday we headed out to New Amsterdam to teach at the Vrymen’s Erven Training Centre (where we taught our first lesson last week). We taught a lesson on Healthy Relationships and Abuse. The students responded particularly well to our ‘Abuse Tree’ activity which helps to illustrate the roots and cycle of abuse. The class was great and participated a lot asking many thoughtful questions throughout the lesson. Then we headed to our new favourite restaurant, 
Churchview, for some delicious   homemade roti and pumpkin curry. 

Pumpkin Curry and Roti, yum!

After lunch we went to the Smythfield drop-in centre and ran a session on Nutrition with a great group of kids of all ages. The kids had a lot of fun drawing their favourite foods from all of the food groups on their paper plates.

Some of the kids at the Smythfield Drop-In Centre with their plates

Since its one of the rainy seasons here in Guyana we’ve been getting frequent downpours of rain. This morning however was beautiful and sunny so we went out for a run. After breakfast we came here to the internet cafe to catch up with you guys and now we’re off to the Port Mourant market!

A beautiful sunset on our way home from New Amsterdam

Lots of love,
Kate & Kevin 🙂

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