Update and Long Awaited Pictures from Berbice!

Hello again everyone!
We’ve finally figured out how to upload pictures from the compters at the internet cafe so you can look forward to seeing what we’re up to!

Us after our first lesson at the Vrymen’s Erven Training Centre

Saturday morning we went and explored the market in Port Mourant. There were lots of vendors selling everything from fresh fruit and veggies to household cleaning products. The variety was spectacular and we had a great  time trying out some delicious new fruits and veggies.

Our lesson on Values at No.59 Primary School

Saturday afternoon we went to the Camal Shelter which is a shelter for homeless youth and battered women. There were about 30 people there ranging from age 6 to age 23. We split the group into two smaller groups depending on their age. Kevin learned some fun new games from the younger group and had a discussion with them about the importance of nutrition. Kate led a discussion on values with the older group and then did a lesson on goal setting. Everyone got to come up with and illustrate their own goal on a piece of paper. The whole group got really into this activity and came up with some great goals including career aspirations such as chef, banker and police officer, reading more books, and becoming better at cricket. This was such an amazing group to work with and we couldn’t be more excited to be going back there twice a week for the rest of our time here!

Kevin and some of the younger kids at the Camal Shelter

Yesterday we headed back to #59 Village to teach at Newmarket Primary School and No. 59 Primary School. We had a great time teaching a lesson on nutrition to an eager Grade 6 class in the morning and a lesson on peer pressure to another great Grade 6 class in the afternoon! After reading through the annoymous comment cards that we have each class write at the end of each lesson, we were so pleased with positive feedback from the students on our lessons.

Kate with the older group and their goals

Today, we met with Omeshwar, our contact at the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport to finalize this week’s teaching schedule and discuss further teaching opportunities at primary and secondary schools closer to where we are living. This afternoon we will be spending some time at the local youth friendly space in Letter Kenny.

Stay tuned for updates on our lessons at the Guyna Business College, Guysuco Training Centre, and our question answer session at a PTA meeting that we were asked to speak at this coming Thursday!
…we hope you enjoy our pictures!!

Lots of Love from Berbice,
Kate & Kevin 🙂

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