We’re back!

Joe and Beth at the Toronto Airport

Time has passed so quickly this year, and somehow we’re here already! Joe and I flew into Guyana this morning from Toronto on a redeye flight and got into Georgetown mid-morning. It was straight down to business for us, trying to activate our old phones and get in touch with some of our community partners who are such a vital part of QHO. They are as happy to have us back as we are to be here, and we couldn’t be more excited!

We’re enjoying the amazing Guyanese food once more. We had boulanger choka for lunch, and it was infinitely better than the stuff we tried to make back in Canada. Seems like we just don’t have the special Guyanese touch.

Its almost surreal how much we feel at home in the first few hours of being back. The streets, the fresh food, the warm air, the welcoming Rima Guesthouse… We can’t wait to introduce the peer educators to everything and get started in the classroom.

More updates to come,


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