Georgetown – Goodbyes and more teaching

Hey everyone,

Our friend the sloth! 

We have been quite busy the past two days hence why we were not able to update the blog yesterday. We started off the day yesterday by making a trip to the Guyana Zoo in Georgetown so that we could see more of Georgetown and understand where the locals lime (hang) out. We got to see many exotic animals that are native to South America such as the Giant Otter, Anaconda, and the Harpy Eagle. It was a great experience to be able to see these animals especially since we will not get another chance to do so! After the zoo, we headed off to Chase Academy for the first time. This would be our second teaching session thus far. We taught Form 1s (Grade 7 Canadian equivalent), both the Headmaster and the teacher were extremely welcoming and excited to have QHO back at their school. The lesson went extremely smoothly and the kids were very responsive and took away a lot from what we taught. As well, we felt a lot more prepared and comfortable teaching than the day before! Before the Berbice (formerly the New Amsterdam project) team left Georgetown for their project start date, we all enjoyed one last dinner along the ocean together! 
Last night as a whole team! 

On Wednesday (May 9th), we went back to Chase Academy to teach the Form 2 and Form 4 (grades 8 and 10/11 Canadian equivalence). We got really good responses from the students today including personal thank you’s from the two classes. After Chase Academy, we travelled to LifeLine which is an organization designed to provide support to those affected and infected with HIV/AIDS. After discussing with the director of the organization, it was decided that our role there would be to work with the children, tutoring them on everyday school subjects. We cannot wait to get started with this project next Monday.

Leslie during a teaching session at Chase Academy. 

We be limin’ til next time!

Leslie, Arash, Beth, and Sydney

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